2021 Summer SPONSORship Program:


We are delighted that you have chosen to support Omagh by spending a week at Camp with your family! We trust that your time at Omagh will be spiritually and socially refreshing!

Our suggested minimum donation levels appear below; if you choose to donate more than the suggested minimum, an Official Donation Receipt will be issued in Spring 2022 for the difference:

  • Campsite        - Minimum Donation of $100
  • Large Cabin    - Minimum Donation of $200
  • Small Bunkie  - Minimum Donation of $125

Note that in order to hold your spot, the first $50 must be donated at the time of registration, and the remainder of your donation is expected before you arrive at Camp.

Please make your donation using the button below, and please ensure to include your name in the 'Write a note' field that appears on the second screen, so that we are aware of your donation.

Thank You, and Enjoy your 'Omagh Time'!!