What should I bring to camp?

You should bring, a Bible, envelopes, stamps, a flashlight, sleeping bag, warm clothes, appropriate footwear, swimwear, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, towels, warm bedding, raincoat and boots. (Remember nights and rainy days can be cold.) It is advisable to label all articles brought to camp.

What should I not bring to camp?

At Camp Omagh we try to provide a fun environment that is different from what children may experience at home or school. Therefore we ask that campers do not bring mobile phones, mp3 players, electronic games, etc. to camp.

What is the dress code at camp?

Campers must dress modestly at all times, in keeping with Christian principles. Inappropriate clothing includes:

    Shorts above mid-thigh



    Skin-tight jeans

The camp manager will exercise his discretion in determining the acceptability of all apparel.