Welcome to Camp Omagh!

We will not be running our Camp season this year.  :(

Hello to all of Camp Omagh's friends and family.

It's with heavy hearts that the Board of Directors has once again come to the conclusion that we will not be able to open camp this summer to operate our program.

This was not a decision that was made lightly, and up until the recent Ontario stay-at-home order we had a fair amount of optimism that we would see campers out at Camp Omagh this summer.  Unfortunately, with provincial restrictions leading up to the camp season, the alarming number of new cases that are still rising as we speak, and the difficulties of trying to make a camp season work with limited summer staff, and a lot of loving volunteers, we felt it was best to forego our usual program.

That said, we still want to open Camp Omagh to what we are hoping to be "alternative programming".  What exactly that entails will be hashed out by the Board of Directors in the coming weeks as we try to pivot to a new plan.  We do not feel comfortable transitioning to a Day Camp model as our staff structure that relies heavily on weekly volunteers and our geographically diverse camper base will likely make it extremely challenging to operate in a safe and compliant manner.

Please allow us some time to put together something that will outline our modified plan for Camp Omagh this summer, and as always continue to pray for Camp Omagh, for the campers who will miss another year, and for us on the Board of Directors as we make efforts to have activities out at Camp Omagh that are safe, compliant with provincial guidelines, and most of all uplifting to you, our friends.

As always, if you have any questions about this decision, please feel free to reach out to me, or anyone on the Board of Directors.


Sean Toohey, President